Risks of Using Uber and Lyft for Ridesharing

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Internet and smartphone technology have revolutionized the way we live. Before the internet, if you wanted a ride to the airport, you’d need to find a taxi company in the Yellow Pages, call them, and arrange for a pickup. Nowadays, you can arrange transportation in a minute without speaking to anyone. However, this type of efficiency comes with some inherent risks. 

If you’re involved in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver, things can get fairly complicated. That’s why ridesharing law professionals suggest pursuing claim compensation for an auto accident with an experienced legal specialist. Read on for the most common risks associated with using ridesharing driver applications. 

Screening Drivers

Both Uber and Lyft have had to update their driver vetting processes over time because of safety concerns. Uber and Lyft are responsible for doing thorough background checks on their drivers. Passengers can protect themselves by reviewing a driver’s rating and reviews before accepting a ride. Vetting drivers is crucial to reducing safety risks. 

Data Security

Legislation and policies are being introduced to help protect user’s data on the internet. Uber and Lyft collect a lot of sensitive information from their users to make their apps function. If this data isn’t properly protected, then users could be open to cyberattacks and have all of their private information made public. 

Price Surges

Uber and many other ride-sharing apps use a dynamic pricing model that increases the price during peak times. This can lead to charges of double or more in some instances. This can be confusing for users and may lead to unsatisfactory pricing experiences. Always be sure to check the price of your ride before committing. 

Liability Complications

Determining who’s liable in an Uber or Lyft accident is not easy. Ridesharing companies provide insurance, but there can be lapses in coverage. For example, if an accident occurs in a vehicle, but the driver hasn’t activated the app yet, it can be complicated. If you’re having trouble recovering damages in your Uber accident, speak to a legal professional. 

This can also be true when it comes to the laws in certain communities. Since ridesharing is a newer industry, some ridesharing communities operate in a legal gray area. This often means that there are inconsistent or obsolete regulations governing an accident. However, experienced Uber attorneys can help you start to recover the damages you’ve lost in your Uber accident. 

Other Complications of Uber and Lyft Rides

The Uber and Lyft network has had a profound impact on taxi services and has changed the way many of us commute every day. Lyft and Uber offer a modern solution to transportation and can even help us reduce our carbon emissions. 

However, these services must be seen through critical eyes that ensure they use safe practices that protect their consumers. When they are not, an adept attorney can help you recover what you may have lost in an injury accident.


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