800-Horsepower Centennial Edition F-150 Super Snake Revealed to Honor Carroll Shelby

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Shelby has once again paid homage to its legendary founder, Carroll Shelby, with the unveiling of the 800 Horsepower Centennial Edition F-150 Super Snake. This limited edition truck is a fitting tribute to the automotive icon and is set to become the most potent street-legal and street-focused truck ever produced by the renowned tuner.

Limited to a mere 100 units, the Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition packs an impressive punch under its hood. In its standard configuration, it boasts a substantial 400 horsepower, courtesy of the 5.0-liter V8 engine. However, what sets this truck apart is the optional supercharger that can double the output to an astonishing 800 horsepower, making it an absolute powerhouse in the truck segment. To put it in perspective, even the formidable F-150 Raptor R churns out 700 horsepower, making the Centennial Edition truly exceptional in terms of power.

What distinguishes the Centennial Edition from its Raptor counterpart is its emphasis on street agility. Shelby has fine-tuned this truck to excel on the road. The Ridetech Suspension System takes center stage, featuring front-mounted Fox coilover shock absorbers with new upper control arms. At the rear, improved sway and track bars, along with adjustable Fox shocks, contribute to a well-balanced and responsive driving experience.

Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations, explained the approach to this commemorative model: “We took the same approach to this commemorative model by adding more power, increasing the stopping power, and giving it the distinctive Shelby good looks. The result is a fast four-door street truck with the awesome capabilities that Carroll Shelby expected. Having spent so many years working directly with him, I’m confident Carroll would be proud of this truck.”

In terms of looks, the Centennial Edition is a sight to behold. It sports a more aggressive body kit, racing stripes, and larger wheels. The absence of chrome trim adds a sporty edge, further accentuated by its lowered ride height. Inside, Shelby has elevated the luxury quotient with black leather upholstery featuring Centennial Edition logos on the backrests, carbon fiber trim, “race red” lighting, special floor mats, and tinted windows.

This exclusivity comes at a price, with the naturally aspirated model carrying a price tag of $127,995 and the supercharged version commanding $136,995. These figures place the Centennial Edition in a higher price bracket compared to its rivals like the Raptor R, the top-spec Rivian R1T, and the Ram TRX. However, it’s important to note that the exclusivity and sheer power of this limited-edition truck justify its premium.

Shelby’s legacy in the world of tuning trucks dates back to the Dodge Shelby Dakota pickup, and over the years, their trucks have evolved into true powerhouses with performance that can rival supercars. The 800 Horsepower Centennial Edition F-150 Super Snake is a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Carroll Shelby and stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering exceptional vehicles with unmatched power and performance.


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