Toyota Teases FT-Se Concept Electric Sport Car

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Toyota is kicking into a higher ‘electric’ gear with the unveiling of their new electric sports car, the FT-Se concept. This futuristic coupe is set to make its debut at the Japan Mobility Show later this month, promising a unique and electrifying experience for enthusiasts. Unlike the currently available GR86 and Supra models, the FT-Se concept showcases a fresh and distinctive design.

The concept appears to be an evolution of the Sports EV concept, featuring a similar body shape with an orange exterior and a black roof. This hints at the possibility that the FT-Se may be a closer-to-production variant of the earlier concept. The electric sports coupe is adorned with numerous Gazoo Racing badges, both inside and out, emphasizing its performance-oriented character. Surprisingly, the traditional Toyota logo has been replaced at the rear with a striking black and red “GR” badge, featuring white lettering. This badge can also be seen on the unique yoke-style steering wheel and the front fender, emphasizing the racing pedigree of the vehicle.

While the exact meaning of the “FT-Se” designation remains a mystery, it’s evident that “FT” is an abbreviation for “Future Toyota,” a naming convention used in past models like the FT-1, which later became the beloved Supra in 2020. Presumably, “S” signifies “sport,” and “e” denotes electric, underlining the car’s sporty and environmentally friendly character.

The FT-Se concept not only boasts an emission-free electric powertrain but also introduces a completely fresh interior design that distinguishes it from the GR86 and Supra. The digital instrument cluster takes center stage above the steering wheel, flanked by an infotainment system on the right and another screen on the left, promising a high-tech and immersive driving experience. Toyota also claims that the concept incorporates new kneepads to protect passengers from the G-forces during spirited driving, further enhancing safety and comfort.

It remains uncertain whether Toyota plans to bring a production version of the FT-Se to market in the future. However, recent statements by company chairman Akio Toyoda hint at the potential revival of the Celica, offering hope for sports car enthusiasts. Additionally, persistent rumors about a new MR2 model continue to circulate, further fueling anticipation for Toyota’s sports car lineup.

As the 2023 Japan Mobility Show approaches, we eagerly await more details about the FT-Se concept. The show is set to kick off on October 25 or 26, with press days promising to shed more light on this intriguing addition to Toyota’s lineup.


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