2025 Lucid Gravity Electric SUV To Debut at LA Auto Show, Production Slated for Late 2024

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In a much-anticipated announcement to finally bring a luxury electric SUV to market, the California-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Lucid, is all set to unveil its groundbreaking creation, the 2025 Lucid Gravity Electric SUV. Mark your calendars for November 16, 2025, as this is the day when Gravity is destined to “make contact” with the world, coinciding perfectly with the grand stage of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

With this latest revelation, eager EV enthusiasts are granted a sneak peek into what to expect from the Lucid Gravity. Perhaps the most crucial detail to glean from the teaser post is the confirmation that production is slated to commence in late 2024. While this means there’s still a bit of a wait before potential drivers can get their hands on this exciting vehicle, it marks a significant step forward from what we previously knew. Previously, all we had was a 2023 reveal announcement with the promise of production for the year 2024, so there’s some welcome narrowing of the timeframe at this juncture.

As for the teaser image, it doesn’t reveal much more than what we’ve already seen. A slender, horizontal taillight elegantly adorns the wide rear gate, with a notably narrower greenhouse above. While the teaser image doesn’t show us the Gravity from all angles, a teaser video released back in April 2023 provided a reasonably clear view of the electric SUV in action. It showcased crisp angles at both the front and rear of a prototype, although a profile view remained elusive. Despite this, it’s apparent that the Lucid Gravity shares a family resemblance with the brand’s previously acclaimed model, the Air.

On the inside, Lucid plans to deliver a highly adaptable vehicle that can accommodate either two rows or three rows of seating, providing space for up to seven passengers. Consistent with Lucid’s reputation for performance, the Gravity promises an exhilarating driving experience. Although exact mechanical details are yet to be disclosed, the brand has teased a supercar-level driving experience. This comes with good reason, given the Air’s distinction as one of the world’s quickest-accelerating production vehicles. Beyond sheer performance, Lucid is also committed to offering segment-leading range and efficiency.

The grand unveiling of the 2025 Lucid Gravity Electric SUV is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the year. As the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show opens its doors to the public on November 17, automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders alike should keep their eyes peeled for a media day extravaganza on November 16, where all the coveted information about the Lucid Gravity is expected to be revealed. With its cutting-edge design, performance capabilities, and commitment to efficiency, the Lucid Gravity promises to be a significant player in the ever-evolving landscape of electric SUVs.


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