Lucid Motors Could be Working on Electric Pickup Truck

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According to the Lucid Forum, Lucid Motors appears to be venturing into the electric pickup truck market, offering a sneak peek into their latest project with a leaked photo of a clay model positioned alongside the anticipated Gravity SUV. The electric vehicle manufacturer had initially disclosed plans for an electric pickup truck in its investor deck during its public debut. While details surrounding the project have been limited, a glimpse of the clay model suggests that Lucid is earnestly progressing in the development of this new addition to its lineup.

According to the disclosed information on the forum, Lucid Motors aims to launch the electric pickup truck in 2030, forming part of a broader strategy to introduce a total of six products by that year. This ambitious lineup includes the current Air, the Gravity SUV, a premium sedan positioned below the Air, a premium SUV, a premium coupe, and, notably, the electric pickup truck. The company’s projections indicate a production capacity of approximately 500,000 units, translating to a targeted 4% market share in the competitive US automotive market.

What sets the electric pickup truck apart is its projected dominance within its market segment, accounting for 7 percent and potentially reaching sales of around 70,000 units in a segment that could see a total of 1 million vehicles sold. This bold move underscores Lucid Motors’ confidence in the appeal and viability of electric pickup trucks in the automotive landscape, as previously explained by Lucid’s CEO, Peter Rawlinson.

Rawlinson also revealed in an interview with Green Car Reports that the company’s paint shop is poised to accommodate the unique requirements of a pickup truck, demonstrating the company’s preparedness to pursue this venture. While Lucid Motors has built its reputation on luxury electric vehicles, the foray into the pickup truck market signals a strategic expansion, tapping into a growing demand for electric options in the popular and lucrative pickup truck segment.

As the electric vehicle industry continues to evolve, Lucid Motors’ entry into the electric pickup truck market reflects a broader trend of established automakers diversifying their portfolios to include electric alternatives. The success of Lucid’s electric pickup truck could hinge not only on its technological prowess but also on how well it aligns with the preferences and demands of the discerning pickup truck consumer base.

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