New Porsche Turbo Models Will Now Get Unique Crest and Trim to Stand Out

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Porsche has subtly elevated the exclusivity of its Turbo models with a unique badge that departs from the conventional gold finish. The change, introduced quietly in June as part of the company’s 75th-anniversary celebration, brings a fresh aesthetic to the Turbo lineup, distinguishing it further from other models.

The distinctive badge, now part of the Turbo package, features a new Turbonite look crafted by experts from the Porsche Color & Trim division. This division, responsible for body colors and exclusive Paint-To-Sample (PTS) options, has extended its creative touch beyond the badge. Turbonite will also grace the rear lettering and the borders of the side windows, known as the Daylight Opening (DLO), enhancing the overall visual appeal of Turbo models.

Beyond the badge and window borders, Turbonite finds its way to other exterior elements. Depending on the specific Turbo model chosen, the unique finish will adorn the aero blades, wheel spokes, and front apron inlays. This consistent application of Turbonite extends to the iconic Porsche crest on the front of the car and the alloys, providing a cohesive and sophisticated appearance.

Inside the cabin, Porsche ensures a seamless integration of the Turbonite theme. The steering wheel badge is now aligned with the freshly painted logo, and various interior elements such as buttons, belt straps, and trim strips receive the Turbonite treatment. For those opting for a Turbo model with a black interior, the option to accentuate the aesthetic with contrasting Turbonite accents on seats, door cards, instrument panels, and floor mats adds a personalized touch.

The unveiling of the third-generation Panamera, slated for November 24, will mark the debut of these Turbo enhancements. Porsche has already disclosed details about the Turbo E-Hybrid model, featuring a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine and an electric motor delivering a combined output of approximately 650 horsepower. The electrified powertrain enables the Panamera to accelerate to 62 mph in a claimed 2.9 seconds, and it boasts an estimated electric range of 25 miles.

As Porsche continues to push the boundaries of performance and luxury, the Turbonite enhancements represent a meticulous attention to detail, allowing Turbo models to stand out with a unique and exclusive visual identity. This commitment to craftsmanship and innovation is a testament to Porsche’s dedication to providing an unparalleled driving and ownership experience.


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