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New Fisker Pear EV Crossover Showcased at LA Auto Show Ready for Production

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Fisker, the fresh-focused electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, unveiled its latest creation, the Fisker Pear EV Crossover, at the LA Auto Show. The production-ready model of the Fisker Pear is expected to steal the spotlight, boasting an innovative see-through A-pillar feature for the first time. This groundbreaking addition, aimed at enhancing driver awareness, utilizes a surround-view camera to capture and display live images on an interior screen, specifically addressing visibility concerns during left-hand turns.

While the release provides limited insight into the functionality of this new camera system, anticipation is building around its potential impact on driving experience and safety. The transparent A-pillar feature signals Fisker’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries in the EV market.

In addition to the revolutionary A-pillar, the Fisker Pear will introduce the Blade computer system, marking a significant technological leap for the company. This in-house-designed unit promises a novel digital customer experience, delivering an impressive 6.2 trillion floating-point operations per second (TFLOPs) with enhanced power efficiency through asymmetric processing architecture. Notably, the Blade system is designed to be future-proof, allowing for easy replacement upon obsolescence.

Technological advancements extend beyond the Blade system, with the Pear showcasing a multi-gigabit internal Ethernet network connecting vehicle systems to the Blade for high-speed networking and diagnostics. Fisker emphasizes the transformation of the Pear into a cloud-connected mini data center, emphasizing efficient cloud and in-car analytics with its 5G/Wi-Fi6 wireless network.

The Fisker Pear aims to captivate not only with its cutting-edge technology but also with its interior features. The “froot” (front boot), the Houdini trunk that cleverly conceals the tailgate, and the Lounge Mode, which flattens all seats with a clear view of the 17.1-inch rotating screen, contribute to the vehicle’s allure.

Fisker has also reiterated the pricing details for the Pear, with a starting price of $29,900 for the base version, offering an estimated 180 miles of range. The long-range model, covering up to 320 miles, is priced competitively. The potential for a $7,500 tax credit could bring the cost down to $22,400. Production is slated to commence in July 2025, offering both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations.

Furthermore, Fisker will present the Alaska prototype at the LA Auto Show, offering a glimpse into the company’s foray into electric trucks. Priced at $45,400 before incentives, the Alaska pickup truck boasts a remarkable driving range of up to 340 miles and is poised to compete with rivals such as the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck. Production and deliveries for the Fisker Alaska are scheduled for Q1 2025, adding another dimension to Fisker’s expanding portfolio of innovative electric vehicles.


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