Tesla Discounting New Inventory Cars by Up to $6,300

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Tesla has recently implemented substantial price reductions on new and low-mileage inventory vehicles in the United States. This significant move involves discounts of up to $6,300 across various models, including the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, regardless of their trim levels. It’s important to note that some of the showcased vehicles are demonstration models, and a few come with higher mileage.

Starting with the Tesla Model 3, the base Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) trim is now available with discounts of up to $2,700, showcasing an attractive starting price of $36,260. The Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive (AWD) experiences even more substantial price cuts, reaching up to $3,300 in some instances, with prices commencing at $43,230. For enthusiasts eyeing the Model 3 Performance variant, discounts can go as high as $3,700, offering an enticing starting price of $47,420.

Shifting attention to the Model Y, the RWD base trim enjoys a $3,000 discount, making it accessible from as low as $40,910. The Model Y Long Range AWD experiences an average reduction of $2,500, with the most budget-friendly examples listed on Tesla’s website starting at $46,540. The top-tier Model Y Performance sees a notable reduction of up to $2,700, with the most affordable vehicles advertised at $49,870. Additionally, the Model Y AWD, featuring 4680 battery cells, benefits from a $2,400 discount, although only one vehicle is currently listed at $45,350.

For consumers interested in Model S or Model X inventory vehicles, even more substantial discounts are available. However, it’s crucial to be aware that the majority of the Model S and Model X vehicles listed on the website are demo vehicles. The base Model S sedan boasts discounts as high as $6,000, presenting an attractive deal at $69,950, while the Model S Plaid experiences up to $3,300 in discounts.

Meanwhile, the Model X showcases discounts of up to $6,300, with prices starting as low as $75,660. The Model X Plaid model receives up to $3,800 off, with a starting price of $93,190.

It’s worth noting that these discounts do not include the $7,500 federal tax credit applicable to all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Buyers may also be eligible for additional incentives in their state, further reducing the overall cost. This means that a Tesla Model 3 RWD could potentially be acquired for well under $30,000.

Prospective buyers should be aware that demo vehicles are not eligible for leases. These enticing discounts are likely part of Tesla’s strategy to boost deliveries in the fourth quarter, aiming to achieve a record number and meet the annual goal of 1.8 million deliveries. Tesla’s commitment to making electric vehicles more accessible is evident in these aggressive pricing moves, providing consumers with compelling opportunities to embrace sustainable transportation.

Source: InsideEVs


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