Genesis Stuns with X Gran Berlinetta Gran Turismo Concept and Virtual Vision of Revving to 10,000 RPM

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Genesis has unveiled a stunning concept car in the virtual gaming world, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept, which unfortunately may never see production. This front mid-engine coupe boasts a sleek and curvaceous design with a strikingly low roofline, featuring gullwing doors and dual exhaust tips positioned above the engine cover. The car is equipped with center-lock wheels that, while aesthetically pleasing, may prove challenging to clean.

One of the standout features of this concept is its envisioned powertrain. Genesis has conceptualized a V6 gasoline engine capable of revving up to an impressive 10,000 rpm. This six-cylinder engine incorporates an electric supercharger (e-SC), a marketing term denoting an electrically assisted forced induction system. In this application, the powertrain delivers a staggering 870 horsepower and 790 lb-ft (1,071 Nm) of torque, further augmented by an electric motor. The hybrid system achieves a combined output of 1,071 horsepower and 986 lb-ft (1,337 Nm).

The concept car adopts an “anti-wedge attitude” in its styling, deviating from conventional design approaches. The signature quad light motif extends onto the sides of the car, creating an illusion that the illuminated strips converge beneath the bodywork. At the rear, a substantial diffuser is accompanied by a vertical third brake light reminiscent of those used in Formula 1 cars.

Inside the two-seater hybrid, the cabin follows a minimalist design philosophy, eliminating conventional controls for a clean and luxurious interior. The dashboard features a wide display serving as the infotainment system, as the driver’s instrument cluster is integrated into a yoke-like steering wheel. Rotary displays on the door cards and a couple of knobs with built-in screens on the center console contribute to the futuristic and uncluttered interior.

Although the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept may remain a dream on the roads, it will come to life virtually in Gran Turismo 7 next month. A full-size scale model of the concept car was unveiled during the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona, showcasing its remarkable design and performance virtually and in real life.


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