First EVgo Fast Chargers Open from GM, Pilot, & Flying J Partnerships

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General Motors (GM) has announced the opening of the first of 2,000 electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers as part of its partnership with Pilot Travel Centers LLC and charging network EVgo. The initial 17 EV fast-charging locations, part of a soft launch that commenced in September, are spread across 13 states. The collaboration aims to have at least 25 locations operational by the year’s end, with a further 200 anticipated by the end of the following year.

GM’s Director of Charging Experience, Alex Keros, revealed that each charging location can accommodate up to four vehicles simultaneously, delivering an impressive 350 kilowatts of power. Keros expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress, noting that it has surpassed initial expectations. While the companies had hoped for one or two charges per site per day, some locations are witnessing multiple charging sessions daily.

These charging locations are strategically designed to offer 24/7 amenities, including restrooms, food and beverages, and free wireless Internet, enhancing the overall driving experience for EV users. The charging stations are accessible through various apps, including those for GM’s vehicle brands, Pilot’s myRewards Plus, EVgo, and PlugShare. Moreover, GM and Pilot plan to introduce exclusive benefits for GM vehicle owners in the spring, such as charging discounts and reservations.

Pilot CEO Adam Wright emphasized the importance of expanding charging infrastructure, stating, “These new charging locations, and the many more to come, will be critical for improving range confidence,” acknowledging the eagerness among EV drivers for an enhanced charging experience.

The collaboration between GM, Pilot, and EVgo was initially announced in July 2022, with plans to install the majority of the 2,000 fast chargers by 2025. These chargers will be strategically placed along highways and heavily traveled roads at Pilot and Flying J travel centers, showcasing a shared branding initiative among the three companies.

GM has committed to a substantial investment of nearly $750 million in EV charging initiatives to develop infrastructure across the United States and Canada. The charging infrastructure is not only expanding along highways but also in major metropolitan areas and in collaboration with GM dealerships, highlighting the automaker’s comprehensive approach to supporting the growing EV market.


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