GM Continues with Plan to End Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales by 2035

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General Motors (GM) remains steadfast in its commitment to transition away from gas-powered vehicles, with CEO Mary Barra confirming the company’s plan to exclusively sell electric vehicles (EVs) by 2035. Despite recent delays in electric vehicle production, particularly the postponement of electric pickup trucks at the Michigan plant, Barra expressed the company’s dedication to the ambitious goal during an appearance at the Washington Economic Club.

In October, GM altered its production targets, abandoning the initial plan to build 400,000 EVs between 2022 and mid-2024. The delays were attributed to challenges in electric pickup truck production at the Orion Township plant in Michigan. Additionally, GM decided to scrap a $5 billion joint venture with Honda Motor to develop affordable EVs.

Barra acknowledged the Biden administration’s pursuit of stringent vehicle emissions regulations, emphasizing the importance of achievable goals. Despite concerns raised by the American Automotive Policy Council, representing GM, Ford Motor, and Stellantis, about proposed fuel economy increases for trucks, Barra expressed confidence in GM’s position, citing the company’s substantial lineup of upcoming EVs.

While advocating for realistic regulations aligned with consumer needs, Barra highlighted the necessity of developing a robust charging infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The company is keen on ensuring that regulatory measures remain in tune with customer preferences and the evolving landscape of EV technology.

In October, the American Automotive Policy Council urged regulators to reconsider proposed fuel economy increases from 4% to 2% annually for trucks, citing potential disproportionate impacts on the truck fleet. U.S. automakers, including GM, Stellantis, and Ford, have cautioned against substantial fuel economy fines, with estimates reaching $6.5 billion for GM alone.

Notably, concerns have been raised about the Energy Department’s proposed revisions to the calculation of the petroleum-equivalent fuel economy rating for EVs. Barra personally engaged with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to address these concerns, signaling the industry’s vigilance in navigating regulatory landscapes.

Source: Reuters


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