CES 2024 Preview: Strong Focus on Automotive Safety Using AI to Emerge for Auto Industry

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CES 2024 is set to showcase the growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various consumer gadgets, with a particular focus on automotive safety. Although OpenAI’s Sam Altman won’t be physically present at the event, the impact of the generative AI technologies developed by his startup will be evident as numerous companies unveil their innovations.

One prominent trend in the automotive sector is the utilization of AI to enhance safety features in vehicles. As part of this, companies are introducing advanced safety systems, such as near-invisible gun-detection technology. Germany’s Bosch is expected to present a system that combines video and audio AI for proactive security in schools, addressing concerns related to firearms.

Moreover, the automotive industry is experiencing a shift towards incorporating AI into vehicles to provide a smoother and safer driving experience. Traditionally focused on autonomous technology, automakers are now emphasizing a “hyper-personalized” customer experience during the purchase and use of cars. This shift is aimed at differentiating brands in a competitive market.

Companies like Cerence, specializing in AI-powered virtual assistants, are announcing collaborations with major automakers. For instance, Cerence is set to partner with Volkswagen, emphasizing the significance of AI in creating a unique and personalized driving experience.

Israel-based Cipia is expected to unveil a system that monitors signs of distraction and drowsiness in drivers, addressing critical safety concerns. has also teased a generative AI partnership with BMW, highlighting the growing importance of AI in automotive technology.

Automakers are not only integrating AI for enhanced customer experiences but also incorporating it into various stages of production. AI aids in cost reduction by expediting vehicle development and ensuring better quality checks during manufacturing, according to Wendy Bauer, Vice President of Automotive and Manufacturing at Amazon Web Services.

Beyond the automotive sector, CES 2024 will also witness AI integration in various consumer electronics, such as PCs and smartphones. Chipmakers like Intel and AMD are banking on AI to create new revenue streams. Microsoft, for instance, is introducing PCs with a dedicated AI button on the Windows keyboard, indicating the broad adoption of AI in different tech domains.

While the year 2024 is being hailed as the “year of AI in everything,” questions remain about whether consumers will be willing to pay extra for AI capabilities in their devices. Unlike the more tangible benefits of applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the utility of AI in everyday devices might not be as immediately apparent to consumers, sparking discussions about the true consumer benefit of incorporating AI into various products. The CES event is expected to shed light on these developments and the evolving landscape of AI in consumer electronics and automotive technology.


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