Hyundai Reveals Vision for Hydrogen Energy at CES 2024

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Hyundai Motor Company unveiled its ambitious vision for the future at CES 2024, focusing on a hydrogen-powered, software-driven transformation beyond mobility applications. The theme ‘Ease every way’ reflects Hyundai’s commitment to lead human-centric life innovations, integrating hydrogen energy, software, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Key highlights from Hyundai’s CES 2024 presentation include:

  1. Hydrogen Energy Solutions:
    • Hyundai introduced HTWO, a hydrogen value chain solution covering production, storage, transportation, and utilization.
    • Development of a Megawatt-scale PEM electrolyzer for green hydrogen production.
    • Plans to off-take 3 million tonnes of hydrogen per year by 2035.
    • Focus on hydrogen as a clean energy source, contributing to sustainability and carbon neutrality goals.
  2. Software-defined Everything (SDx) Strategy:
    • Hyundai outlined an SDx strategy redefining vehicles, fleets, and transportation systems with software and AI.
    • Introduction of Software-defined Vehicles (SDVs) by incorporating software development methods into vehicle development.
    • Expansion of software solutions for fleet operations and insights, offering customized fleet management services and real-time data analytics.
    • Aim to create an interconnected ecosystem where users, devices, and cities are linked, providing transportation-as-a-service to everyone.
  3. Hyundai’s Commitment to Hydrogen Society:
    • Expansion of HTWO into Hyundai Motor Group’s hydrogen value chain business brand, covering various sectors beyond passenger cars.
    • Emphasis on resource circulation hydrogen production methods, including Waste-to-Hydrogen (W2H) and Plastic-to-Hydrogen (P2H).
    • Active involvement in hydrogen projects globally, with a focus on Indonesia and the U.S.
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations:
    • Collaboration with Tenstorrent for advancements in software and AI.
    • Participation in hydrogen-related demonstration projects in the U.S., including the NorCAL ZERO project and the ‘Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs’ program.
  5. SDx in Mobility Ecosystem:
    • Hyundai’s SDx strategy aims to build a user-centered mobility ecosystem.
    • Development of SDVs to enhance user experience, including a new infotainment system and integration of a large language model into the AI assistant.
    • Expansion of software solutions to include software-defined fleets for businesses, offering advanced fleet management services and data analytics.
    • Vision of vehicles evolving into ‘AI machines’ that continuously learn to better serve customers.
  6. CES 2024 Exhibition:
    • Hyundai showcased its hydrogen value chain, waste-to-hydrogen process, SDV technologies, and future mobility exhibits at CES 2024.
    • Highlighted the ‘Ease every way’ theme, focusing on a human-centric future through hydrogen energy and software technologies.
  7. Digital Engagement:

Hyundai’s vision encompasses a holistic approach, integrating hydrogen energy and advanced software solutions to create a sustainable and user-centric future in mobility and beyond. The company’s commitment to carbon neutrality, hydrogen adoption, and software-driven innovations positions it at the forefront of transformative technologies.


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