Audi Suggests a Larger Q9 SUV is in the Works

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A recent report suggests that Audi is considering the development of a larger SUV, possibly named the Q9, to compete with rivals like the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. The speculation about a full-size Q9 SUV has been circulating for over a decade, but according to Audi Australia’s director, Jeff Mannering, there is a real possibility of it happening this time.

Mannering confirmed that Audi has plans for several new models in the next two years, and when questioned about the potential Q9, he acknowledged the need for a larger SUV to compete in certain segments. He mentioned that there is space for Audi to offer a model that can rival competitors like the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, and he sees a good chance for such a model to be offered globally.

While Mannering found the Q9 name appealing, the specifics of what form the Q9 would take remain uncertain. If Audi proceeds with the Q9, it would become the flagship model in the brand’s SUV lineup. Although the current Audi Q7 offers three-row seating, it falls short in terms of outright luxury compared to the GLS or X7. The anticipated Q9 would be larger, with a focus on passenger comfort and luxury.

The potential Q9 could address the shortcomings of the Q7 by providing generous leg and headroom, especially for third-row occupants. Audi seems to be considering global market demands and analyzing successful segments in larger markets to determine the viability of such a model.

It’s worth noting that Porsche, a sister brand under the Volkswagen Group, is also reportedly working on a larger SUV positioned above the Cayenne. This all-electric luxury vehicle, codenamed K1, is expected to feature impressive specifications, including 1,000 horsepower and three-row seating.


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