Lamborghini Revuelto Sold Out Until 2026

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Lamborghini’s latest flagship model, the Revuelto, has garnered tremendous attention and success since its unveiling as the successor to the Aventador in March of the previous year. The automaker recently achieved an astounding milestone by setting a new sales record, having sold over 10,000 cars in the past twelve months. However, what truly stands out is the revelation that the demand for the Lamborghini Revuelto is so high that it is already sold out until late 2026.

In a press release detailing their sales achievements, Lamborghini announced the impressive sales figures for the preceding year. The Revuelto, a V12 two-seater, has become the brand’s flagship product and has created a substantial waiting list for prospective buyers. This means that individuals placing orders for this electrified V12 supercar today will have to wait almost three years before taking delivery.

It’s worth noting that Lamborghini is currently offering only the core Revuelto model. While enthusiasts might anticipate the release of more specialized and hardcore versions, Lamborghini is unlikely to introduce them until the existing demand is met. The company’s strategy appears to prioritize meeting the overwhelming demand for the base model before diversifying its offerings.

Drawing a parallel with Lamborghini’s past product release schedule, it took seven years from the launch of the original Aventador for the introduction of the hotter Aventador Super Veloce Jota LP770-4. A similar timeframe could be expected for the anticipated Revuelto SVJ or other special editions.

Lamborghini has high expectations for the Revuelto, considering it a pivotal factor in the brand’s growth in its three key markets: the United States, Germany, and China. The United States remains the largest market for Lamborghini cars, closely followed by Germany and China. While the Urus claimed the title of the company’s best-selling product last year, followed by the Huracan, the Revuelto’s performance is yet to be fully disclosed as Lamborghini has not released production and sales numbers for this coveted model. The success of the Revuelto underscores Lamborghini’s ability to create a highly desirable and sought-after product in the competitive luxury sports car market.


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