Apple Targeting 2028 Release Date for Its New Electric Vehicle

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Apple’s ambitious electric car project, known as Project Titan, has been in development since 2015 but has faced numerous setbacks and changes in leadership. Initially envisioned as a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel, the project’s aspirations have been scaled back over the years. Under the leadership of Apple VP Kevin Lynch, the company has now set a new target release date for its first electric vehicle: 2028, as reported by Bloomberg.

The challenges faced by Apple in realizing its initial vision highlight the difficulties in achieving fully autonomous driving technology. The company had aimed for a Level 4 autonomy system, implying a vehicle capable of complete self-driving without any human intervention. However, the practicality of such a goal has led to a revised strategy.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the 2028 Apple car will offer limited autonomy features similar to those provided by other electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla. The vehicle will operate with a Level 2+ autonomy system, where drivers are required to pay attention and be ready to take control while the car navigates roads and highways autonomously, akin to Tesla’s Autopilot system.

The decision to lower autonomy specifications is seen as a pragmatic move, allowing Apple to move forward with the project successfully. Kevin Lynch’s leadership has been instrumental in redefining the goals of Project Titan. The report suggests that Apple may have the flexibility to upgrade the system over time through software updates, adapting to changes in the international regulatory environment.

However, not all aspects of the project have received unanimous support within Apple. Bloomberg notes that there are doubts about how innovative the first Apple car will be, with some employees expressing concerns that it might be perceived as a ‘me-too product.’ The skepticism and pressure from Apple’s board in the previous year prompted a demand for a concrete plan for shipping Project Titan or considering the possibility of axing the project entirely.

Despite the uncertainties and internal criticisms, Apple’s determination to enter the electric vehicle market remains evident. The 2028 release date signifies a commitment to navigating the complexities of autonomous driving technology while acknowledging the need for a more practical approach in the initial stages of the project.


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