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Checking the VIN code has become one of the mandatory stages of buying a used car. The great demand has caused the emergence of a number of services to check the history of the car, which have differences in functionality and the amount of information in the report. In the field of our sight got the most famous sites for checking the car, which are in constant demand among users: and epicvin. We offer an honest review and comparison of these services. everything you need to know about a used car

With a VIN number, we can access a database that collects data on all cars since they were manufactured. It is possible to check the history of the car on a number of services and one of the most popular is It takes a minimum of time and does not require any actions from the user, except for entering the VIN code into the appropriate form. It can be done on a paid and free basis.

What information is contained in a VIN report? These are technical specifications and user information. The specifications are provided by the manufacturer itself, while the sources of user information are various government and commercial organizations: insurance companies, service centers, etc. The main information you will find in the report:

  • technical data, vehicle equipment (modifications, equipment, etc.);
  • parts database (simplifies spare parts search);
  • date and place of manufacture of the vehicle;
  • the machine’s involvement in road accidents;
  • status of the vehicle (pledge, scrapped, etc.);
  • if the car is stolen;
  • car operating conditions;
  • car registration;
  • odometer readings;
  • insurance events, etc.

The free report contains only basic information including country and year of manufacture, specifications, number of owners, etc.

The free report contains only basic information including country and year of manufacture, specifications, number of owners, etc.

An important advantage of chе is the possibility to check a car not only from the USA, Canada, Europe, but also from Korea – a very popular destination for buying used cars. This is a really unique offer, which makes this service universal.

Another advantage of the system is the volume of data. By collecting data from databases of such systems as Carfax, Autocheck, Window Sticker and NMVTIS, the system offers an exhaustive history of vehicle operation. The site has multilingual support, so speakers of English, French, Spanish, Belarusian and even Arabic can work with the system.


A service that provides data on a free and paid basis. The free report contains only basic information and in most cases it is not enough to make a decision on buying a car.

The service uses only one source of data for reports – NMVTIS, and you can get service history only for cars from the USA. Otherwise, the principle of working with the service is the same as with other systems. You enter an identifier in a special form, after which a report is generated within a few seconds. If necessary, you can buy a paid version of the report. There is a special offer for dealers.

Other sites for checking out a car before buying

In our review, we decided to mention other services that provide reports on vehicle operating history. These are such systems as:


The service is designed for users speaking different languages. Data collection for reports is performed automatically, i.e. human intervention is excluded. The functionality of the site allows users to add their cars to the database, but the condition for this should be an official confirmation from the auction. With the help of the service it is possible to find out the history of cars from the USA only,

The next service is The data sources for the reports are IAAI and Copart. These are popular auctions for sale of used vehicles, through which they are bought by participants in all corners of the world. This is reliable information, but its volume may not be enough to make a decision.

The last service in our review is The platform uses data from technical inspection centers, state registries, insurance companies, dealerships and other organizations.


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