Sony and Honda Joint Venture Will Introduce 3 New EVs before 2030

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Sony and Honda have teamed up to create a joint venture with plans to unveil three electric vehicle (EV) models by the latter half of the 2020s, as reported by the Nikkei business daily. The collaboration, known as Sony Honda Mobility, aims to introduce a sports utility vehicle in 2027, followed by a compact model slated for release in 2028 or later, subsequent to the launch of a sedan in 2025. The venture’s ambition is to position itself as a competitor to industry leader Tesla.

While details beyond those already disclosed remain undisclosed at this time, a spokesperson for Sony Honda Mobility confirmed the ongoing exploration of future lineup options. In January 2023, the venture announced its intention to enter the market with a sedan named “Afeela,” scheduled for release by the end of 2025, with deliveries commencing in early 2026 in North America.

The collaboration, formed in 2022, leverages Honda’s expertise in vehicle engineering and manufacturing, coupled with Sony’s proficiency in software development and gaming technology. This partnership underscores a strategic effort to narrow the gap with established EV rivals and establish a significant presence in the burgeoning electric vehicle market.


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