Scout Motors Breaks Ground for South Carolina Production Facility

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Scout Motors has officially broke ground of its new production center in Blythewood, South Carolina. This facility marks the birthplace of the pioneering all-electric Scout SUVs and Pickups, setting a new standard in the automotive industry.

At the ceremony, CEO Scott Keogh and various stakeholders joined in the celebration. A convoy of iconic models, including the revered International Harvester Scout, made a symbolic journey from the former Scout factory in Fort Wayne to the site of the new facility, embodying the rich heritage of the brand.

A significant contribution came from the Tippmann family and Harvester Homecoming, who donated a brick from the original Scout Plant in Fort Wayne. This historic brick will play a foundational role in constructing the new Blythewood facility, encapsulating the continuity and evolution of Scout Motors.

Anticipation builds as Scout promises to unveil its groundbreaking models later this year, with production slated to commence in 2026. These electric vehicles are poised to capture the hearts of true off-roading enthusiasts, offering unrivaled ruggedness and purpose-built design.

With a starting price targeting mass-market consumers at around $50,000, Scout Motors aims to democratize electric off-roaders, positioning itself competitively against established counterparts like the Rivian R1S. Emphasizing ruggedness and adventure, the reimagined Scout models promise to deliver on their heritage while embracing cutting-edge electric technology.

The partnership with Volkswagen Group underscores Scout’s American legacy, strategically positioning the brand to penetrate the fiercely competitive off-roader segment. Leveraging Volkswagen’s expertise and resources, Scout Motors aims to redefine the off-road experience while maintaining affordability and accessibility for consumers.

To achieve competitive pricing without compromising performance, Scout Motors is exploring innovative approaches to battery production. Whether through the development of a new platform or leveraging existing technology like the Scalable Systems Platform, Scout is committed to delivering robust electric vehicles with ample power and range.

As construction progresses and anticipation mounts, Scout Motors continues to tease further details about its groundbreaking venture. With the promise of up to 1,700 horsepower and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Scout Motors is poised to revolutionize the electric off-roader market, ushering in a new era of adventure and sustainability.


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