Mercedes-Benz Tones Down EV Expectations, Will Update Combustion Engine Lineup Into 2030

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Mercedes-Benz is recalibrating its strategy in light of evolving market dynamics, signaling a shift in its approach toward electric vehicles (EVs). The company, once poised for an all-electric future by 2030, now acknowledges a tempered demand for EVs and pledges to continue updating its combustion engine lineup well into the next decade.

CEO Ola Kaellenius acknowledges the challenges ahead, citing concerns over the readiness of markets like Europe for a complete transition to electric vehicles by 2030. Factors such as inadequate charging infrastructure and a dearth of compelling electric models have contributed to consumer hesitancy. In response, Mercedes-Benz aims to reassure both customers and investors that it remains committed to producing combustion engine cars, with plans for significant technological updates extending into the 2030s.

Kaellenius’s remarks suggest a strategic pivot, envisioning a revamped lineup akin to a fresh start by 2027. This move underscores the company’s adaptability and commitment to meeting evolving market demands while ensuring the longevity of its product offerings.

However, Mercedes-Benz acknowledges the uncertainty ahead, as the automotive industry grapples with various challenges, including slower economic growth, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical tensions. These factors have prompted a cautious outlook for 2024, with the company anticipating lower returns on sales across its car and van divisions.

Despite these headwinds, Mercedes-Benz remains focused on innovation, with continued investment in research and development for future technologies like its MB.OS platform. Moreover, the company has adjusted its pricing strategy, reflecting a 2% increase in average prices, aimed at mitigating inflation and rising costs associated with technology development.

Mercedes-Benz’s revised approach reflects a nuanced understanding of market realities, balancing its commitment to electrification with the pragmatic recognition of ongoing challenges. Through strategic updates to its product lineup and sustained investment in innovation, the company aims to navigate the uncertainties ahead while maintaining its position as a leader in the automotive industry.


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