Karma Gyesera EV Sedan Debuts Marking 10th Anniversary of Brand

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Karma Automotive’s latest unveiling, the Gyesera EV Sedan, made its debut at the prestigious Amelia Island Concours, coinciding with the brand’s 10th anniversary milestone. Available for preorder at $5,000, this luxury sedan continues Karma’s electric vehicle lineup, following the introduction of the Kaveya electric coupe set for release later in 2025.

While the brand’s history has seen its share of challenges, including the evolution from the Fisker Karma to the Revero, the Gyesera represents a new chapter. Although it inherits some design elements from its predecessors, Karma’s President Marques McCammon emphasizes that about 85% of the car features new enhancements, with Michelle Christensen, Karma’s Vice President of Global Design, boldly declaring it “the most badass GT on the road.”

Measuring 199.9 inches in length, 78.9 inches in width, and 52.4 inches in height, with a wheelbase of 124.4 inches, the Gyesera boasts dimensions that exceed those of its competitors like the Tesla Model S, promising a unique driving experience. Powered by a rear-wheel-drive system delivering 590 horsepower and 693 pound-feet of torque, the Gyesera aims for impressive acceleration and performance, with a projected range of over 250 miles from its 120-kWh battery pack.

With production slated to commence before the end of the year, Karma plans to limit production to approximately 2,000 units over a four to five-year period, adding an aura of exclusivity to the Gyesera. However, this luxury comes at a price, with estimates ranging between $175,000 and $225,000, positioning it at a premium compared to competitors like Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes, and Audi.


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