Volkswagen Hints at $25K Price Range for upcoming Electric GTI

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Volkswagen’s ID GTI concept draws inspiration from the ID2all, an economical electric vehicle (EV) introduced by VW in March 2023. It seeks to honor the iconic Golf GTI, first unveiled at the 1975 Frankfurt auto show. The visionary behind this concept, Di Si, envisions an accessible price range of $20,000 to $25,000 for the ID GTI. This would significantly undercut the pricing of any other VW electric vehicle available in the U.S., potentially rivaling the Jetta compact sedan, which starts at $22,600. Moreover, such a price point would set a new motion in the automotive industry for ‘affordable’ EVs.

Di Si emphasizes the importance of a competitive price point for the ID GTI to achieve substantial sales figures. He suggests that setting the starting price higher, such as $35,000, would designate it as a halo car, likely resulting in lower sales volume. Di Si expresses his desire for the ID GTI to be priced at $25,000, indicating that failure to meet this target would relegate it to a niche product status.

Despite the absence of a concrete plan, Di Si acknowledges the ID GTI’s presence on Volkswagen’s radar. While the ID2 is slated for a limited launch in 2025, with full-scale production scheduled for 2026, VW has not included plans to bring it to the U.S. market. Di Si’s comments hint at ongoing deliberations within the company regarding the potential introduction of the ID GTI to the U.S., underscoring its significance in VW’s strategic considerations.

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