VW ID. GTI Concept Previews Production ID. 2all Electric Hatchback

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The Munich Motor Show has recently taken center stage as an electric hot hatch showcase, and Volkswagen has joined the party with its captivating VW ID. GTI Concept. This concept car builds upon the foundation of the previously unveiled ID. 2all concept but takes on a considerably sportier appearance in various aspects. The most exciting revelation? It’s earmarked for actual production.

The familial resemblance between the ID. GTI and the ID. 2all is unmistakable, with shared body lines and lighting designs. However, the GTI stands out with distinctive features, starting with black trim encircling the headlights, adorned with the iconic red accent that GTI enthusiasts will recognize from past models. The lower grille has been enlarged, characterized by a honeycomb mesh and accented with red tow points. Vertical LED fog lights bookend the front, and a more pronounced front lip spoiler adds to the car’s aggressive demeanor. Complementing these features are black fender flares, sculpted side skirts, and an assertive rear diffuser. VW has also introduced striking striped graphics along the sides and the rear hatch, while the hatch itself sports a black spoiler and dark-tinted taillights. All of this sits atop substantial 20-inch wheels, further enhancing its dynamic appearance.

In terms of size, the ID. GTI is slightly smaller than its gas-powered counterpart, the Golf GTI. It measures 160.4 inches in length, with a wheelbase of 100.7 inches, similar to the VW Polo GTI available in Europe. However, it stands 1.4 inches taller than the Golf-based GTI sold in the United States. Cargo space is also marginally reduced compared to the Golf GTI, offering 17.3 cubic feet versus 19.9, although the increased height contributes to an overall cargo capacity of 47 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

Inside, the ID. GTI’s interior bears a strong resemblance to the ID. 2all, but with notable upgrades like tartan sport seats featuring a distinctive GTI emblem on the driver’s seat and a golf-ball-styled drive mode selector (the gear shifter is located on the steering column, in line with other electric VW models). The steering wheel has a sportier design, complete with an illuminated 12 o’clock mark. Positioned behind the wheel is a 10.9-inch instrument cluster, offering customizable graphics, including classic GTI instrument cluster themes reminiscent of the Fox Body mode in the new Mustang. VW also boasts of an augmented reality windshield-sized head-up display, although it remains uncertain whether this feature will make it into production.

One aspect that Volkswagen has been somewhat tight-lipped about is the powertrain. While it’s confirmed to be front-wheel drive like the ID. 2all and previous GTI models, exact power figures remain undisclosed. The battery pack is mounted in the floor, but details regarding its capacity have yet to be revealed. However, it’s worth noting that the GTI will feature a limited-slip differential. Additionally, VW has hinted at the inclusion of multiple simulated shift patterns and sounds to replicate the experience of driving vintage GTIs, reminiscent of similar features in the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.

As for availability, Volkswagen has left enthusiasts in suspense, providing no specific release date. However, they have assured us that the ID. GTI will indeed make it to production. Whether it will make its way to the United States remains uncertain. While pricing details are also scarce, there is hope that it will maintain affordability, considering the ID. 2all’s supposed starting price below $30,000. We’re certain a GTI version will cost more but bring the extra performance to the table.


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