New Car Preview: 2025 Nissan Kicks Gets Grownup Updates with More Power and AWD Availability

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The new 2025 Nissan Kicks has undergone a welcomed transformation, marking a departure from its hatchback roots towards a more mature crossover identity. Embracing a broader interior space, increased horsepower, and the introduction of all-wheel drive (AWD), this iteration of Nissan’s compact crossover signifies a shift towards a more robust and versatile driving experience.

This redesign encompasses various enhancements, including expanded interior dimensions to accommodate both passengers and cargo more comfortably. Despite its growth, the Kicks maintains its compact stature, with subtle increases in length and width, ensuring it retains its distinctive form factor. The incorporation of AWD, albeit reducing cargo space slightly due to system integration, expands the vehicle’s capability across diverse driving conditions.

With these updates comes an increase in weight, attributed to both the vehicle’s overall redesign and the inclusion of AWD. However, to counterbalance this added mass, Nissan equips the Kicks with a more potent 2.0-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, delivering enhanced performance with 141 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. This power boost aims to mitigate the impact of increased weight, resulting in a commendable trade-off for front-wheel-drive models, albeit with less favorable outcomes for AWD variants.

Externally, the Kicks adopts a more SUV-inspired aesthetic, complementing its newfound practicality. Inside, attention to detail is evident, with features such as a redesigned center console tailored to accommodate modern conveniences like larger coffee tumblers and door inserts catering to popular drinkware sizes. Upholstered with Nissan’s “Zero Gravity” seats across both rows, the interior promises a comfortable and ergonomic driving experience.

Technological advancements further enhance the Kicks’ appeal, with all models featuring dual screens for driver display and infotainment purposes. The SR variant receives larger 12.3-inch displays and offers wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Safety remains paramount, with Nissan’s updated suite of driver-assist features standard across all models, including advanced functionalities like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning, and adaptive cruise control. Additionally, the SR trim benefits from Nissan’s ProPilot Assist for enhanced highway driving assistance.

Anticipated to hit the market in the upcoming summer, the 2025 Nissan Kicks promises to deliver a compelling blend of versatility, performance, and safety. As consumers eagerly await its release, pricing details are set to be unveiled closer to its official launch, which will probably be a slight increase over the current 2024 Kicks’ base price of $21,050, further cementing its position as a competitive option in the compact crossover segment.


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