Most Popular Cars of Dubai’s Streets

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Dubai is a city of wonders. Here police drive Lamborghini and Bugatti, businessmen BMW 7-series, Audi S8, Mercedes-Benz CLS and ordinary people prefer Mitsubishi Lancer.

Interested in learning more about popular cars in Dubai?

Read on and we will tell you! And at the end you will receive a surprise, which will come in handy if you are planning a trip to this magical city.

The Top Car Models in Dubai

Below is the list of the most popular models in Dubai for 2024:

  • Toyota Camry – a mid-size sedan. Very affordable in terms of price. It has a pretty comfortable interior though. Camry is equally popular among residents and visitors of Dubai.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero – another affordable car, but in the SUV class. Pajero is equipped with all the basic technologies a driver could need. Versatile, powerful and, of course, beautiful.
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class – a flagship sedan. A very popular option among Dubai business people. The model combines elegant design with innovative technologies and impressive performance. The S-Class is not as affordable as many other cars, sure thing, yet the outstanding quality makes it truly worthwhile for those who can afford it.

Of course, these are just a few examples. In fact, other vehicles are also popular. For example, the Ford Mustang, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X5 and Nissan Patrol, etc.

Sedans: The Preferred Choice for Urban Mobility

The models have been sorted out, but what about the type of car? Generally, it’s a matter of preference. Dubai has excellent roads with great cross-country capabilities, allowing you to drive any type of car. However, sedans are an excellent choice if you want to emphasize your status. They are spacious and ideal for traveling with family, friends, coworkers, or partners.

SUVs: Power and Comfort

SUVs can also be a status symbol, but their primary advantage is large capacity. They can accommodate almost anything in the trunk, and their high and dependable suspension ensures a smooth ride even in challenging road conditions (although such situations are rare in Dubai).

Crossovers: Versatile Vehicles for Dubai

Crossovers are vehicles that combine the features of both sedans and SUVs. Additionally, they are known for their spacious interiors. Crossovers do offer increased cross-country ability, all-wheel drive, a high seating position, and acceptable ground clearance.

Selecting the Perfect Car

Below are tips for choosing the perfect car during your time in Dubai.

Understanding the Needs of Dubai’s Drivers

Transportation is chosen based on the goals being pursued. If you need unprecedented comfort, then a crossover is the way to go. If you need speed and power, then a sports car is definitely the right choice. If you want to show everyone who’s boss, the premium sedan is just for you!

Comparing Features and Performance of Popular Models

We recommend comparing the performance of popular car models in Dubai, such as the Camry, a hybrid with front-wheel drive, and the Pajero. The Camry has lower fuel consumption than the Pajero, but its engine power and volume are also lower.

Additionally, the Mercedes Benz S-Class is a luxury car that surpasses both models. Despite being a sedan, the S-Class (2020-2022) with its mid-size configuration has an engine that is significantly more powerful than the Mitsubishi Pajero (which is SUV), boasting almost 500 horsepower compared to the Pajero’s 390.

Where to Find Dubai’s Most Popular Cars

All of the cars mentioned in this article are available for rent on Rent.Cars at excellent prices, which are 15-20% lower than the market ones. The organization offers an online booking option, so you can get your car as soon as you arrive in Dubai.

How Not to Overpay?

Just rent something on Rent.Cars!

But if you want to do it elsewhere, It’s okay. Just try to think of what you want. For example, you hardly need a SUV if you’re only going to be traveling around town. A regular sedan, which is much cheaper on average, is fine.


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