A Toyota GR Corolla-Powered Small Lexus SUV Could be a Reality Soon

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In the realm of automotive possibilities, the fusion of Toyota’s GR Corolla power and the concept of a small Lexus SUV is transitioning from mere speculation to plausible reality. This potential collaboration centers around the turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine, renowned for its performance in the rally-inspired GR Yaris and also adopted by the GR Corolla. Lexus has showcased interest by incorporating this engine into a concept vehicle unveiled earlier in 2024, hinting at a future production model.

The envisioned crossover, tentatively named LBX, is rooted in the Yaris Cross platform and was initially introduced in 2023 for international markets, excluding the United States. Although the standard LBX doesn’t exude a sporty demeanor, Lexus envisioned its potential through the LBX Morizo RR concept, unveiled at the 2024 Tokyo auto show. This concept, possibly poised for production, explores the realm of performance enhancements, particularly featuring an evolution of the turbocharged triple utilized in the Yaris and Corolla GR models.

Speculation gains traction as John Pappas, CEO of Lexus Australia, suggests a high likelihood of the Morizo RR transitioning into a production variant, albeit without official confirmation. Notably, Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda, purportedly a user of the Morizo RR concept as his personal vehicle, drops hints of its production potential in promotional content. The Morizo RR, distinguished by its robust power output of 305 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, represents a departure from its Toyota counterparts, boasting enhanced performance figures.

Engineering modifications such as all-wheel-drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission contribute to the Morizo RR’s distinctiveness, while its suspension upgrades, grippier tires, and aggressive body kit underline its performance-oriented character. Unlike far-fetched concept designs, the Morizo RR appears grounded in reality, fostering anticipation for its potential showroom debut.

While the availability of the LBX, and by extension the Morizo RR, in the United States remains uncertain, enthusiasts ponder the prospect of the 1.6-liter triple engine expanding its presence across the Lexus lineup, potentially catering to American preferences in due course. As the automotive landscape evolves, the anticipated journey of the Morizo RR from concept to production promises further intrigue and anticipation in the months ahead.


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