Does Reuters Get It Wrong About Tesla Supposedly Scrapping Plans for Affordable Model 2?

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In response to the recent Reuters article titled “Exclusive: Tesla scraps low-cost car plans amid fierce Chinese EV competition,” Elon Musk has taken to his platform to dispute the claims. Musk’s statement, made on his X platform (formerly Twitter), asserts that Reuters is disseminating false information regarding Tesla’s purported cancellation of the affordable Model 2. Although Musk’s tweet simply reads “Reuters is dying” accompanied by a retweet of an image depicting a decline in Reuters’ website visits, it fails to directly address the specific claims made in the article.

The Reuters article cites three sources “familiar with the matter and company messages seen by Reuters,” stating that Tesla will continue focusing on developing self-driving robotaxis on the same small-vehicle platform instead of pursuing the affordable Model 2. However, amidst this conflicting information, Elon Musk has refrained from providing clarity on whether the Tesla Model 2 will indeed materialize in the future.

Despite the skepticism surrounding the Reuters report, there remains uncertainty regarding Tesla’s plans for the Model 2. Elon Musk’s silence on the matter leaves room for speculation, especially considering the significant impact such a decision would have on Tesla’s future endeavors.

While Reuters claims Tesla has abandoned its goal of producing an affordable electric car, Elon Musk’s response and the lack of official confirmation or denial from Tesla leaves the matter open to interpretation. Only time will reveal the validity of these conflicting reports and shed light on Tesla’s future strategies. Moreover, we will be sure to report back with any developments in this finding, which may revolve around new replies directly related to the subject matter by Elon Musk on X.


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