New Car Preview: 2025 Audi S3

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For the 2025 model year, the Audi S3 received a welcoming update, enhancing both its performance and aesthetics. One notable addition borrowed from its more aggressive counterpart, the RS3, is the Torque Splitter, enabling true torque vectoring across the rear axle. This feature promises to elevate the driving experience for enthusiasts seeking enhanced handling capabilities. Furthermore, the S3 will see an increase in power output from its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, now delivering 328 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. This power boost results in improved acceleration, with the 0-62 mph time dropping to a swift 4.7 seconds.

Complementing the enhanced powertrain, the 2025 S3 will feature a range of chassis upgrades aimed at optimizing performance and handling. These enhancements include stiffer bearings, new pivot bearings for increased negative wheel camber, and a re-tuned adaptive suspension system. The introduction of a new “Dynamic Plus” drive mode further fine-tunes the driving experience, maximizing torque distribution to the rear axle for added agility.

Externally, the S3 will showcase design refinements inspired by the latest A3 refresh, albeit with a sportier flair. Updates include a redesigned grille, bumpers, exhaust outlet, and a selection of vibrant color options. Notably, the headlights offer customizable light signatures, allowing drivers to personalize their vehicle’s appearance. Inside the cabin, passengers will enjoy a refreshed interior featuring a new shifter design, enhanced ambient lighting, additional USB-C ports, and a wireless phone charger.

While specific details regarding pricing and availability in the U.S. market remain forthcoming, prospective buyers can anticipate further information closer to the vehicle’s launch for the 2025 model year. Overall, the 2025 Audi S3 promises to deliver a compelling blend of performance, style, and advanced technology, solidifying its position as a standout option in the compact sport sedan segment.


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