Bugatti Unleashes Their Ultimate Track Machine in The Bolide with Customer Deliveries This Year

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Crafted as a testament to engineering prowess and a nod to Bugatti’s storied heritage, the Bolide emerges as the apex of track-focused performance. This track-only hyper sports car, born from Bugatti’s rich automotive and motorsport lineage, embodies the ethos of extreme driving, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable on the racetrack.

Breaking away from convention, the Bolide signifies a departure for Bugatti, venturing into uncharted territories of driving dynamics previously unexplored in its modern history. Beyond mere velocity, every facet of the Bolide is meticulously engineered for dominance on the circuit.

Yet, amidst its blistering pace, accessibility remains a cornerstone of the Bolide’s design philosophy. Despite its unparalleled performance capabilities, the Bolide beckons even those without racing experience to unleash their potential on the track.

This feat is achieved through a fusion of cutting-edge technology, Bugatti’s illustrious motorsport legacy, and invaluable guidance from Bugatti Pilote Officiel and racing legend, Andy Wallace. His expertise, honed through years of elite racing and close collaboration with Bugatti, proved instrumental in refining the Bolide’s aerodynamics, drivetrain, and handling.

Wallace’s testimony underscores the Bolide’s exceptional drivability, even at the limits of its extraordinary capabilities. Such ease of control, coupled with groundbreaking technologies like ABS and ESP, sets a new standard in track car performance.

At the heart of the Bolide lies Bugatti’s legendary 1,600 PS W16 turbocharged engine, ensconced within an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, developed in partnership with Dallara. This innovative structure, built to stringent FIA LMH and LMDh specifications, mirrors the rigors of Le Mans race cars.

A radical seating position, reminiscent of extreme race cars, instills unyielding confidence in the driver, while the bespoke Brembo braking system ensures unparalleled stopping power, rivaling the technology seen in Formula 1.

Extensive simulation and testing on renowned racetracks have fine-tuned the Bolide’s aerodynamics, granting it unmatched levels of traction and grip. With a top speed surpassing that of Formula 1 cars, the Bolide’s true prowess lies in its cornering agility and acceleration, making it a force to be reckoned with on any circuit.

As Bugatti’s most extreme creation to date, the Bolide represents a bold leap forward in hyper sports car engineering. Every aspect, meticulously designed and tested, culminates in an unrivaled track experience, where comfort meets performance in perfect harmony. Only 40 examples will be produces at a price of $4.4 million each (£3.5m).

With the test phase concluded, Bugatti now prepares for series production, heralding a new era in automotive excellence. As the first customer deliveries draw near in the next few months, the Bolide stands ready to redefine the limits of track performance, leaving an indelible mark on automotive history.


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