Consumer Reports’ Fisker Ocean Experience Has Endless List of Problems

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Fisker’s foray into the EV market with the Ocean crossover has been nothing short of tumultuous, as highlighted by Consumer Reports’ extensive encounters with the vehicle. From delivery mishaps to fundamental mechanical failures, the problems seem to cascade from the outset. In fact, Consumer Reports (CR) included the vehicle being “Unfinished Business” in their first drive experience.

Consumer Reports’ experience with the Ocean exemplifies the depth of Fisker’s challenges. The vehicle arrived in a less-than-ideal state, bearing scratches and grime, delivered by an ill-prepared contractor. Upon closer inspection, CR testers found makeshift solutions like a NAPA 12-volt battery, indicating prolonged storage before delivery.

The troubles only compounded from there. Brake warnings illuminated the dashboard the very next day, signaling potential safety concerns. Further testing revealed erratic behavior, with driving aids malfunctioning and the vehicle exhibiting unpredictable steering dynamics, especially noticeable on CR’s test track. Even on the road, the promised driver-assist features fell short, plagued by false alerts and unreliable performance, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

Beyond the mechanical woes, Consumer Reports encountered a slew of customer service issues, including the bizarre scenario of Fisker failing to process payment for their vehicle. Many of the identified problems stem from software inadequacies, raising doubts about Fisker’s ability to rectify them amidst their precarious financial situation.

Despite its tempting price point, the Fisker Ocean emerges as a cautionary tale. Consumer Reports’ narrative paints a picture of a product rushed to market, lacking the refinement and reliability expected of a modern vehicle. In light of these revelations, the seemingly affordable price tag becomes a dubious value proposition, overshadowed by the litany of unresolved issues plaguing the Fisker Ocean.


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