What is the Issue with the Accelerator Pedal That’s Caused a Halt to Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries?

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Tesla Cybertruck deliveries have hit a snag recently, with reports emerging of delays without clear explanations from the company itself. While Tesla has remained tight-lipped about the issue, discussions within the Cybertruck Owners Club forum shed some light on the situation. Members have shared experiences of receiving notifications, either via text or phone calls, informing them of rescheduled delivery dates without detailed explanations.

Speculation within the forum suggests that the delay might be linked to concerns surrounding the accelerator pedal. One user mentioned being informed by their dealer about a recall related to the accelerator pedal, while others received messages from Tesla citing issues with “the preparation of your vehicle.” Although an Elon Musk fan account hinted at a halt in deliveries for seven days, official confirmation has yet to surface.

serious problem with my Cybertruck and potential all Cybertrucks #tesla #cyberbeast #cybertruck #stopsale #recall ♬ original sound – el.chepito

The crux of the problem appears to revolve around the accelerator pedal potentially becoming stuck, as evidenced by a video posted on TikTok by a Cybertruck owner. The video showcased how the accelerator pedal cover got jammed, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably. Despite attempts to mitigate the issue by applying the brakes, the truck continued to accelerate when the pressure was released, posing significant safety concerns given the Cybertruck’s considerable weight and impressive acceleration capabilities.

Furthermore, an alarming incident recounted by a forum user described their Cybertruck accelerating into a signal pole seemingly autonomously, with neither the brake pedal nor the airbags responding effectively. While Tesla has faced legal and regulatory scrutiny on various fronts, including product safety and owner complaints, allegations of autonomous acceleration have not gained substantial traction in the past. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributed such incidents to user error in a 2021 review, and Tesla managed to settle the majority of a class action lawsuit in 2018 pertaining to similar claims.

The delay in Tesla Cybertruck deliveries seems to stem from concerns regarding the accelerator pedal, particularly its tendency to become stuck, leading to potential safety hazards. While Tesla has yet to address the issue publicly, reports and discussions within online communities provide insights into the challenges facing the Cybertruck’s delivery timeline.


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