Fisker Tells Customers They No Longer Have Roadside Assistance in the USA, Further Signaling the End is Near

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Fisker has recently informed its customers that it will no longer provide roadside assistance services in the United States, a move that further suggests the company is facing significant challenges. While Fisker is engaged in discussions with various firms regarding a possible acquisition, no definitive agreement has been reached, and the company’s issues persist. Owners of the Ocean, Fisker’s sole production model, were notified of the termination of roadside assistance via email in May 2024. This information was later confirmed by a Fisker spokesperson and shared on Reddit.

Despite the termination of this service, details about Fisker’s roadside assistance program remain on its website. Previously, the service was available nationwide, 24/7, covering mechanical disablements, power loss, flat tires, and lockouts, and was valid for six years or 60,000 miles from the sale date. The company, however, had always reserved the right to alter or discontinue these benefits without prior notice or compensation to the owners.

Fisker’s financial woes are well-known, but the company appears optimistic about the future. In May 2024, Fisker expanded its U.S. dealership network by opening three new stores: Newport Fisker in Orange County, Fisker of San Jose, and Belford Fisker in New Jersey. These dealerships aim to sell off the remaining 2023 models, which had their prices significantly reduced earlier in the year.

To add insult to injury, Fisker employees have been cautioned about potential layoffs starting June 28, 2024, indicating that the company’s financial difficulties are far from over and the end could be looming.


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