Fisker Ocean Investigated by NHTSA over Phantom Emergency Braking Issue Adding to Long List of Afflictions

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The NHTSA’s recent scrutiny of the 2023 Fisker Ocean unveils a troubling issue resulting in phantom automatic emergency braking. The agency has launched an investigation after receiving eight complaints detailing instances where the vehicle’s emergency braking system activated without any apparent obstruction on the road, abruptly reducing speed or even bringing the car to a complete stop. What makes matters worse is that three of these incidents resulted in injuries, highlighting the severity of the problem. Despite being in the early stages of investigation, this development compounds the challenges already facing Fisker.

This phantom braking issue is just one in a series of setbacks plaguing the Fisker Ocean. Since its introduction last year, the vehicle has been marred by various malfunctions, including door failures, gear-shifting problems, and compromised braking performance leading to significantly increased stopping distances. These issues, all under preliminary investigation, cast a shadow over the vehicle’s safety and reliability, further eroding consumer confidence.

For Fisker, these recalls are merely a symptom of larger financial woes. The company’s 2024 has been marked by a downward spiral, with production halts and financial instability. Delays in the release of the Pear EV, coupled with the cessation of Ocean production and ongoing legal battles over fiduciary mismanagement, paint a bleak picture for the company’s future. In a desperate bid for survival, Fisker is reportedly seeking a buyer, but as of now, no concrete deals have materialized.

The NHTSA’s investigation into phantom braking adds to Fisker’s already substantial challenges, emphasizing the urgent need for resolution amidst financial turmoil and a tarnished reputation.


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