Thieves Make Off With $1.2 Million Worth of Cars from Alabama Dealership

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Thieves targeted North Country Ford in Arab, Alabama, making off with a staggering $1.2 million worth of vehicles in a brazen burglary. The heist, reported by, unfolded in the early hours of a Sunday, April 7, discovered the following day. The method employed showcased a blend of simplicity and sophistication: disabling the security system by cutting power, smashing a window to gain entry, and utilizing a laptop to unlock a safe containing over 330 keys, granting access to the dealership’s inventory. The thieves then proceeded to select eight vehicles, igniting each with ease using the pilfered keys before driving away into the night.

Among the stolen vehicles was a notable Dodge Challenger Demon 170, valued at $158,000. This high-performance muscle car, boasting an impressive 1025-horsepower output, stands out in any crowd, making it potentially conspicuous. Fortunately, two of the stolen vehicles, a Jeep Wagoneer and a Ranger Raptor, were later recovered, albeit at different locations from where they were taken.

In response to the theft, North Country Ford has offered a $10,000 reward for the return of the missing keys, highlighting the dealership’s determination to recover its inventory. While efforts to obtain updates from the dealership were unsuccessful due to their focus on managing the situation, individuals with any pertinent information regarding the crime or the whereabouts of the stolen vehicles are urged to contact the Arab police department at (256) 586-8124.


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