Don’t Worry, Porsche Isn’t Completely Killing the 911 Manual Transmission

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By now you probably figured that for the 2025 model year you cannot order a manual-transmission Porsche 911 after the announcement of the new 992.2. The recent facelift of the 992-generation 911 introduced the new Carrera and hybrid Carrera GTS, while maintaining the Turbo, Turbo S, and GT3 RS models. Unfortunately, the hybrid Carrera GTS marks the end of the manual transmission for this lineup, with all models now being automatic. However, fans of manual gearboxes should not lose hope.

A Bright Future Ahead

While Porsche remains tight-lipped about future models, there is strong evidence to suggest that the facelifted 992.2 lineup will expand to include more variants. Manual-transmission Porsches have a dedicated following, and their popularity is significant. Historically, around 40% of Porsche customers choose manual transmissions when available, with an even higher take rate for models like the 911 GT3.

The Numbers Speak

Porsche sold 50,146 units of the 911 last year. Even though not all models offer a manual option, a conservative estimate suggests that at least 20% of those sold were manuals, equating to over 10,000 cars. This indicates a substantial demand for manual transmissions among Porsche enthusiasts. In a market where competitors offer only automatic transmissions, maintaining a manual option helps Porsche differentiate itself.

The absence of a manual transmission option at a model’s launch is not unprecedented for Porsche. When the 992 generation initially debuted, there was no manual option for almost a year. The success of manual transmission in models like the 911 R in 2016 and the return of the manual in the 911 GT3 the following year demonstrate that Porsche customers value this option.

Why Keep the Manual?

Offering a manual transmission has proven to be a sound business decision for Porsche. It caters to a niche but loyal customer base that appreciates the driving experience a manual gearbox provides. Abandoning this option would alienate a significant portion of their market, a move that seems unlikely given Porsche’s understanding of its customer preferences.

While the 2025 Porsche 911 lineup may not include a manual transmission option, it is likely not the end for manual 911s. Porsche’s history and the continued demand for manual gearboxes suggest that future models will once again offer this beloved feature. Enthusiasts can rest assured that Porsche understands the value of the manual transmission and will continue to support it in future releases.


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