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9-second GT-R: World’s Fastest Nissan GT-R R35

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I remember the last time a R35 Nissan GT-R attempted to set the world record for being the fastest in the quarter mile. It ended in disaster with a busted transmission although they were able to get a few consecutive runs in at 10.5 seconds. This time, it appears that things were done right with the world’s fastest Nissan GT-R R35 from AMS Performance running 9.89 seconds in the quarter mile at a speed of 146.9mph. This was accomplished with an AMS Performance GT-R SR850 package, supposedly the most reliable bolt-on horse power available for the GT-R. Power output was boosted to 850 horsepower on race gas and 750 on pump gas. The video below is Godzilla’s dyno-pull followed up by the quarter mile run. Check out the exhaust flames while on the dyno! Enjoy!

[source: AMS Performance]

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