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Will the New Bugatti Veyron get 1200hp?

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The Bugatti Veyron is already the benchmark setter for the fastest production car in the world. How would you improve something that already has 1001hp and can top 253mph? Give it another 200hp! Sure, in the world of “why not” anything is possible.

The current Veyron is due for a make-over and the Volkswagen parent company is just the one to do it by first giving it an additional 200hp which is a rumor sparked from a lecture delivered at the Vienna University of Technology given by Ferdinand Piëch – the former Volkswagen chairman, Porsche heir and father of the Veyron.

It would also be feasible to say that the quad-turbocharged 16-cylindar engine tuned to 1200hp or more would easily push the Veyron over the current top speed of around 253mph. Only time will tell. I will be sure to put my order in the minute that the new Veyron is released. Let’s see, I have saved up $6500 so far… so that still leaves me with over $1.6 million to go.

Note: images are a Bugatti Renaissance artist rendering of the Veyron, not actual production photos.
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