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Human Powered Car: The Green People-Powered Car of the Future

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The Human Powered Car which is powered by you and me is made out of recycled plastics. Basically it is an electric vehicle that utilizes rowing handles that generate the electricity. The vehicle can also run on its own without your power via the batteries supplying the energy. But if you wish to make it all the way home you may have to start rowing. Other creations of this concept have been made in the past as demonstrated in the videos below. Just think, if a large portion of America has these things we would not be fighting a battle to combat obesity or some health issues from a result of a “lazy” culture. Even the kids could help power the family car. Unfortunately your boss may know if you were running late, he or she will see the sweat running down your head.

Enjoy the videos after the jump…

Embedded video from CNN Video


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