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Lazy People Look Here: Ford’s Active Park Assist System In Action

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Is it just me or we getting lazier in America… so lazy that we need a freaking car to parallel park for us? Good grief people, we need to pay for a car to park for us? What’s next, a car that drives itself so we don’t have too? HAHA, let me keep my mouth shut before I put a foot in it.

Here is Ford’s new Active Park Assist system demonstrated in the video below. It is very reminiscent to the Lexus/Toyota parking system which I have included a video of also below. Do you think we will see more of this in the near future or should the automotive companies put more of a focus on saving some gas or maybe NOT needing a bailout?

Videos after the jump…

Did it just take him an hour to program this (Lexus) thing to park??? I could have ran into the store to pick up my new 65 inch LCD TV and set it up in my living room by now!


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