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Lexus To Introduce GS F As BMW M5/Benz E-Class AMG Rival

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The infamous battle between the BMW M5 and Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG is nothing short of a classic by now and the Japanese want a piece of the action by introducing a Lexus GS-F as a rival in the performance mid-sized luxury segment.

It is a never-ending battle between friends when automotive manufactures are dumping enormous amounts of horsepower into their new products including mid-sized luxury sports sedans. Lets see, there is the Cadillac CTS-V with 556hp, upcoming BMW M5 rumored to have over 600hp, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG with 518hp and the list keeps on slowly growing. The Lexus GS-F is rumored to be introduced as a 2012 model sporting a version of the current IS-F’s 5.0-liter V8 engine with around 465 horsepower. We are not sure if that is quite enough to run with the big dogs but we will give Lexus their fair chance. A supercharger could easily fix the GS-F’s shortcoming. As long as Lexus does not charge over 6-figures for this thing like the LF-A, they may have a worthy performance sedan.

[source: Road & Track]


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