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Video: Real-Life Mario Kart Rémi Gaillard is Back

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If you are a true car enthusiast and don’t mind playing a few racing games every once in a while, then at one time in your life you have played Mario Kart on one of the many Nintendo entertainment systems. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to experience the Mario Kart game in real life? Rémi Gaillard does. He made an interesting video some time ago reenacting the Mario Kart game ‘in real life’.

The video on Youtube of his first rendition has been viewed over 35 million times. A new ‘part 2’ to his Mario Kart extravaganza is now available as a continuation of his first from back in 2008. These videos are downright hilarious and a must watch. Check them out, both part 1 and 2 below! Enjoy!

Part 1 (original)

Part 2

[source: YouTube]


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