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Lamborghini Cabrera: Gallardo Replacement Rumored to get 600 Horsepower

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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

With all of the hype circulating around the new Aventador, the smaller Gallardo stablemate is starting to look as stale as Charlie Sheen’s drug addiction. So what are the bullish Italians to do? Easy solution – give it more power and a fresh style with composite construction similar to the Sesto Elemento and Aventador.

Sure, the Gallardo has had its day touted as the Lamborghini with a slight disconnection from the rest of the breed of bulls. But that was nothing to really complain about because, after all, it is still a true exotic. Some have even said the Gallardo was just a fancy Audi. I’m still laughing.

Reportedly, we should look for the new Gallardo replacement to pack in 600 horsepower and carry a name of “Cabrera LP600-4” which will debut sometime next year. It would only make sense to model the new Lamborghini Cabrera after the Sesto Elemento considering only a handful of those things will ever see daylight.

[source: L’Automobile]


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