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Tokyo Auto Salon 2009: Blitz Nissan GT-R Goes RWD and Manual Transmission

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The Nissan GT-R is already a great performer from the factory and many would really wonder how you could improve it anymore or even change the infamous lighting fast transmission and remarkable AWD system. Blitz, a performance aftermarket firm, ripped out the all-wheel-drive system and transmission for a rear wheel drive setup and manual gearbox. Sounds like someone will be doing some serious drifting. Actually, that is exactly the goal in this project, to drift in Japan’s D1 drift series.

This is supposedly the very first rear wheel drive Nissan GT-R R35. In addition to adding a new transmission the car obviously went on the biggest looser coming back slim and trim. The gearbox is a Hollinger sequential unit.

Check out the custom gauges on the center console. Wonder why they didn’t just program a new setup on the LCD information display… I think they may want to have some dedicated gauges when you are on the circuit doing some serious drifting.

[source: GTRBlog]


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