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Electric Mini Cooper – Is it the Real Deal?

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Speculations have been made about BMW’s development of a full electric Mini to be produced but it has actually been confirmed and a spy shot of the new electric Mini was taken on the streets of Germany. Experts believe this is a test mule of the soon-to-come electric Mini.

Shown in the image on this post is a Hybrid tag that reads “HYBRID Erprobungsfahrzeug” which means “Hybrid vehicle testing”. Now, with knowing that you probably raise the issue of a “Hybrid” as we know it in America is not a full electric car. So what gives? Actually, this very well could mean it is a derivative of two technologies working together. But if you closely look at the image and talk with the photographer that snapped this photo, you will notice the lack of an exhaust pipe. The exhaust is non-existent on this Mini so that leaves us with the conclusion of this actually being a full electric vehicle.

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Lets hear from you! What do you think? Think the exhaust is hidden somewhere? Do you think this is the real deal electric Mini Cooper?


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