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Mercedes’ Latest Video Shows The C63 AMG Coupe In Action

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As an automotive journalist, one of the most frequent questions I get is, “how can I get a job like yours?” On the surface, it does indeed look like a dream job: each and every week, I get a new four-wheeled toy to play with, complete with a full tank of gas. I work from a very comfortable office with a fifteen-second commute (twenty, if I stop for coffee on the way up the stairs), and occasionally manufacturers fly me to exotic places to drive their latest wares. They force me to eat good food and drink free beer, too, so the job does have its downfalls.

When people ask me my dream job, now I have an answer: I want to be stunt driver Greg Tracy. When someone tosses me the keys to a press fleet car, the unwritten rule is “don’t stack it, and don’t shred the tires/brakes/clutch.” They don’t pay me to drive it either, but Tracy gets paid to both drive and use up things like tires, brakes and clutches.

Here’s the newest video from Mercedes-Benz, filmed at the request of a fan and featuring Greg Tracy. It stars two C63 AMG Sedans, which are really used as the world’s most expensive traffic cones. It also features a C63 AMG Coupe, driven by Tracy, who drifts figure-eights around the sedans. There’s no dialogue and no plot, but there’s lots of tire smoke and the sense that the coupe was driven right to the tire shop for a set of new rear skins after filming.

Next time someone asks me how to get a job as an automotive journalist, I’m going to look them straight in the eye and say, “Get me a job like stunt driver Greg Tracy, and I’ll trade you.”

Source: YouTube, Via MotorAuthority


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