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What Happens To Your Nissan GT-R After The New Firmware/ECU Update?

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We ventured over to and and discovered that a member has already taken his GT-R to get the new firmware/ECU updated and he has shared his experience afterwards. It seems the launch control was NOT disabled but the launch RPM changed. Also, the new launch control can be done with VDC on. Do you know what I am thinking? Yes, I can break the transmission and get it covered under warranty provided I leave the VDC on and the transmission decides to take a dump on me! Yes, off to the dealership I go!

Below is the post from and and video of the “new” launch control RPM after the jump…

Nissan North America’s campaign to update willing GT-R owner’s ECUs with the new 2010 firmware has already begun with one enthusiast, Matt “MC” from the North American GT-R Owners Club (NAGTROC), already taking them up on the offer. In the name of science he’s volunteered to have his GT-R go under the knife (so to speak) for the update and report back on the changes.

Matt’s report on the changes has demystified the workings in terms of the much rumoured launch control functions. First up the launch control is not gone, but it is modified. It is no longer a launch from 4,500rpm and it no longer requires the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) to be disengaged to function. That’s right the new launch control functions with VDC ON. It even functions with the gearbox in automatic mode.

So how does it work, you hold the brake on and floor the accelerator. The car revs to 3,000rpm and holds it there. Release the brake and off you go.

Matt has already tested this with a passenger in the car in manual mode and it’s good for 3.8’s 0-60mph times. Without a passenger, in auto mode or on a better surface perhaps it’s good for 3.7 seconds or faster. More testing is required.

The prime issue Nissan seemed to have with the launch control in the 2009 GT-R was the fact that to do it VDC had to be turned off, something the owners manual forbade. Now the launch is much more gentle but the effect is reported to be 80% as potent.

So if guys were hitting 11.6 second quarter mile ETs without launch control before the change, it will be interesting to see what they hit with this revised VDC ON version of the launch control.

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And now get ready to laugh! – We posted this weeks ago and it is still a classic!

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