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Chris Bangle Leaves BMW – Good or Bad Thing?

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So maybe all of the BMW fan boys have something to celebrate today. Chris Bangle, Chief of Design at BMW Group, is leaving as he has announced that he will quit his position at BMW and leaving the automotive industry altogether to seek his own design endeavors. Chris Bangle has been BMW’s Chief of Design since 1992 and worked for Fiat and Opel before then.

Chris Bangle will be replaced by Adrian van Hooydonk as BMW’s head of design.

With the many controversial designs over the years at BMW Chris leaves behind a legacy that is liked by many and hated by some. The face of BMW was completely changed and those who did not like IT pointed the finger at Bangles direction. The future of BMW will no longer be influenced by Bangles ideas or designs and we do not know if this a good thing or bad one. What do you think? Will BMW be better off without him or do you love what Bangle had to offer BMW in some of his latest designs such as from the BMW Z4, 7-series to the 1-series and so on?

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