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Nissan Juke-R (GT-R tuned Juke crossover) Build Progress videos

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Remember Nissan throwing around the idea of building a 520+ horsepower Juke crossover from the Nissan GT-R drivetrain? Well, that project is still happening and has progressed well. Much of the success is due to giving Nissan engineers a virtually limitless budget and unadulterated access to all of the GT-R’s mechanics and electronics which make it one of the fastest production cars on the road today.

The “Super-Juke”, simply dubbed the Juke-R, is getting quite the proper treatment and Nissan has released a series of build videos demonstrating that treatment first hand. The videos will eventually lead up to the finished product. So far, a total of 7 videos have been released and we have posted them below for your enjoyment. As far as confirming 100% that Nissan will market this as an actual production vehicle has yet to be determined. The question is, would you drive around a GT-R powered and engineered Juke crossover? Keep in mind this would be the world’s fastest production crossover on the road. At least you will have that title if the looks are not good enough to completely appeal to you and your friends.


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