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Top Car Video Games: Which Car Game Is The Best?

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Racing and car games are part of the automotive enthusiast culture. If you are 12 years old 18 years old or even 40, you know that there is a presence of racing and car games available to all of us from the old days of Pole Position to the new age racing games of Gran Turismo, Forza, Need for Speed and others. So which modern racing or car game is the best? I will let you decide. Below is a list of current car games, mainly from the racing genre, that I have come up with. If you feel that a major game is missing from the list please inform me through the comments below or our contact us link.

The games that I have selected for the list are mostly composed of ones where you get to drive or race a modern street car instead of a full-fledge racecar. I have tried to keep the list composed of games that are no older than a few years. Although many of these games are offered on more than one gaming system, please judge it based off of the game itself instead of a particular gaming platform.

I will start off the poll by voting for my favorite, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Happy voting!

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If it is taking time for you to make up your mind then you can take a break and watch the few videos below.


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