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Hyundai Equus: Official Images and Information

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It is no doubt in my mind that Hyundai, pronounced like “Sunday”, is taking a stab in the daylight at Lexus, BMW, Audi and maybe even Mercedes Benz with its new luxury sedans and forward thinking. The Hyundai Sonata was clearly not enough to take aim at the Goliaths of the auto industry but the Hyundai Genesis surly cut someone pretty deep. The new soon-to-come Hyundai Equus may be Hyundai’s point-blank-range sniper aimed directly at the big dogs.

More information and official images below…

With the low-cost high-quality BIG vehicles that Hyundai will be pumping out for the North American market, it seems we have a viable contender that others will start to get at least sweaty palms when Hyundai enters the room.

Due out as possibly a 2011 or 2012 model, the Hyundai Equus appears to be Hyundai’s newest flagship that boosts an extra-long wheelbase and luxury amenities and appointments throughout. The Genesis has already been a big hit and has accomplished the status of being the North American Car of the year. The beefy Hyundai power plants have already been out in the wild as the Genesis’ V8 might be a worthy engine for the new stretched Equus.

You can make your own conclusions as to what we will expect from the Hyundai Equus as time draws near for a possible launch in North America. Maybe you would want to hold off on purchasing that Benz for now and reinvest the money you would be saving by buying a new Equus. Hopefully that is not only wishful thinking but a reality – that is what Hyundai is probably thinking.

Below are the latest official images of the Hyundai Equus.

hyundai-equus hyundai-equus-side-wheelbase hyundai-equus-side-rear

hyundai-equus-interior hyundai-equus-full-interior


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